Say Good-bye to Divorce, Separation, Infidelity, and Desperation

Love Life Reboot is a powerful 7-Day Challenge that teaches exactly how to 

let go of baggage from past relationships and 

find true love and keep it

What's the biggest mistake most single people unknowingly make that keeps them stuck in cycles of wasting time and money on the wrong people?

Over the last 10 years, I’ve helped countless people end vicious cycles of mistrust and destructive behaviors in their relationships...

I’ve worked with single people from almost every background and career imaginable...

There’s one MAJOR thing

they ALL had in common when it comes to the 

SUCCESS or FAILURE of their love life:

This one thing was the difference between them
Attracting a high quality soulmate

Repeatedly attracting all the wrong people who break their trust and heart over and over 

The one thing was the difference between them
Feeling empowered to create the ideal realtionship of their dreams... on their terms

Staying stuck in an endless loop of falling for the wrong people...over and over

The one thing was the difference between them

Feeling loved and accepted at an emotional, intimate, soulful, and spiritual level


Feeling like they're no more than their job or their success to the people they date, never being loved for who they really are 

The #1 ULTIMATE thing that separates the successful, happy people from staying single and lonely is:

Becoming the best version of themselves and not focusing on anyone else!

Ok… right now, maybe you’re thinking, “What does that even mean?  Why focus on myself when I want to find someone else to fall in love with? 
Great questions! I'll explain in a sec and here's how to know for sure.

People who find true love recognize when their 

romantic baggage weighs them down, 

and they ask themselves these questions:

Do they feel lonely or hurt... but scroll mindlessly through social media apps instead of actually getting help to overcome it?
Are they distracted... and keep working harder or playing harder instead of taking care of their mind, body, and soul to overcome heartbreak?
Do they keep meeting the wrong people over and over again... the vicious cycle doesn't stop?


In this beginning stage of recovering from heartbreak, this is NOT about anyone else!

No... the problem likely isn't that driving a flashy car or

looking hotter will solve love life problems 

WHO each person CHOOSES to be during the process of finding love
Is the #1 reason they find their soulmate... or don't

Why is that?

Good question! 

It's like this: The reason finding a lifelong partner is such a difficult thing to do for most people is because they simply don’t know what they don’t know...


They don’t know how to heal emotional trauma after they’ve been crushed from a bad breakup...
They don’t know that their baggage from the past stops them from creating space for someone new
They don't know all the possible ways to let go of the pain, guilt, and shame and how to thrive more than ever before
UNFORTUNATELY, the effectiveness of everyone's love life - and how amazing it can be - is limited by the knowledge and expertise you have in those 3 areas

  The other BIG PROBLEM, and perhaps the MORE SERIOUS PROBLEM, is that most people don't get help from THE top LOVE experts in the world on how to rekindle their love life

The truth is, with so many wannabe “relationship gurus” popping up every day, knowing who to trust to show what is best for their love life can be very confusing!

Those pop up experts are telling people that...
It's all about being more masculine, or feminine, or just changing everything about the way they are so they'll appeal to ideal dates (ummm.... FALSE!)
Or that playing games, creating new games, or following an endless list of dating rules is the answer... (That NEVER works, right?)
Or that the secret is to look like they'll gracing the next cover of GQ or Vogue in order to get a REAL date in town... (OUCH! Not even close)
The belief most people have, is what I call the 

Blind-Leading-The-Blind approach to dating.

It's hard feeling pressure to lower their standards or worse yet... don’t even know what their standards are anymore (this is the worst!)
Don't we just hate it when people say, "Date a lot of people and the right one will magically appear!"  The truth is no one has time for that
Or other people's baggage is piled onto their shoulders… the kind that drains precious energy, and they expect it to be fixed for them
The thing is... most single people who are looking for love are misled down a dead end one-way street wearing a blindfold that hides their ability to find love again.

Then it starts to feel like it'd be easier to find a unicorn at the end of a rainbow instead of finding that ultimate dream date *sigh*

This is a big mistake.

All of the choices above are

Dead wrong

if the goal is to find life long love NOW.

They work for someone if they're interested in quick fixes, drama, and emotional rollercoasters

They work if they're interested in shallow, superficial relationships

They don’t work if they're interested in actually creating an epic life  

These one-time-shot-in-the-dark cupid’s arrows... don’t last, my friend!

You need
Only the "Ultimate Dream" DATES

"Ultimate Dream" dates are people who
  • Are the last person anyone dates before tying the knot... because they're just that perfect 
  • Are motivated to create an amazing life in a loving partnership... 'cause that's what they want too
  • ​Are willing to invest in long-term happiness and put in the work to make it happen...
This is an absolute NECESSITY if effortlessly attracting the soulmate of their dreams is the goal!

This is an absolute NECESSITY if you want to take charge of creating the love life of your dreams on your terms!

If reading this makes things seem hopeless or impossible, don’t lose hope.

All hope is not lost.

Don’t play the blame game and worry about all the energy wasted on all the wrong people.

I have a different, better way.
I use the 5 Stages to Marriage Mastery Method

to get my clients their "Ultimate Dream" dates, and this always starts with...

Using these mindset shifts all together in harmony can finally create that long-term love life that's been desired for so long

The 5 Stages to Marriage Mastery Method has helped countless people get on the fast track to find love in a fraction of the time they'd normally spend swiping through those draining dating apps

But wait... who is Mike Darcey and why should anyone believe him?
Hi! Let me introduce myself. I'm the creator of Love Life Central and I’m on a mission to help millions of people around the world live every day as if it’s their glorious second honeymoon just like my forever soulmate, and wife Lisa, and I do every day.


I’ve spent more than 11 years mastering the art and science of marriage, and perfecting the Love Life Central system so that people can finally find true love and keep it.

During that time, it’s the Misery to Marriage Mastery Method that’s allowed people to craft their perfect lifestyle… to wake up every day with a purpose that propels them toward their dreams with their ideal person by their side.

My methodology is known for giving 

purpose-driven single people the best possible way to turn stale love lives into awesome dates and matches, consistently.

While we're here, allow me to ask some important questions:
Is the calendar full of "Ultimate Dream" dates with people who treat their date like kings or queens? (As this is how it should be!)
Is there is a sense of fulfillment, waking up every day with a clear sense of purpose… even WITHOUT that amazing soulmate?

Is the idea of true love based on the foundation of being seen, loved, and accepted at an emotional and spiritual level?

Is building trustworthy friendships with supportive people BEFORE finding that one true love a top priority?

If the answer is NO to any of the questions above, then please keep reading so today can be the last day these deflating and degrading things happen.
A 7-Day Challenge that kickstarts the journey to find love and make it last

…. Even if it feels impossible to be loved or find love again

Love Life Reboot is perfect for open-minded single people who want to live their best lives, which includes embracing the one thing that matters most: LOVE.


Tap into this big brain of mine and learn how to become more confident, and sharpen dating skills which naturally repels away the wrong people.  

Getting access to what’s in my noodle is like having me on speed dial as a personal romance coach!

Get just EXACTLY what's needed to show up radiantly in a way that attracts the perfect lifelong partner… and they’re ready to commit too.

They’ve been ready and waiting right NOW.

Using a proven plan to find the right partner allows space to let go of fears, shame, mistrust... which effortlessly makes becoming the envy of every single person around a no brainer!
What good does it do to keep dating the wrong people and hope it’ll work out... when it never will.
… Find the right partner in less time...
… Without wasting tons of money and energy...
… or hiring so called “gurus” who barely know anything about finding true love
This is for people who want the confidence and certainty to become a love magnet, which will skyrocket once they've got the knowledge and wisdom needed to choose the RIGHT partner who is equally as committed to building a life together.
When purchasing Love Life Reboot... feel amazing every day, know where to FIND love online or offline, and end the vicious cycles of mistrust while creating a healthy-long lasting relationship; the only path to follow in moving forward.


"Mike is a great sounding board. He helps put your thoughts into perspective. It's nice to have somebody to trust. He listened to my frustrations without making me feel like an angry or hateful person, he helped me process them without fueling it. " - Ken

Here’s what’s included in 

Love Life Reboot 7-Day Challenge Plan

Let Go of Baggage from the Past 
In this Challenge on Day 1, learn how to let go of the baggage from past relationships so that space is created for a future healthy, loving relationship. This is necessary to learn how to repel the wrong people so that feeling inspired by uplifting people is the new norm from now on. Most people don’t realize that failing to release this trauma is a key part of healing so that any gaps are filled with joy, laughter, and power.
Good-bye Broken Heart, Hello Confidence

In this challenge, I’ll give a simple technique that reveals how to discover the power of forgiveness, so that gaining back confidence and being radiant makes being a love magnet, simple and easy. This is priceless as knowing exactly how to make peace in any situation means that no one can cause hurt anymore. Imagine being free from the chains of the past... and shining bright day after day moving forward.

Believe there is a Better Life Ahead

I know what it’s like to feel bombarded with feelings of loneliness, confusion and anger. Now it's time for that to STOP... Because I promise... there is a whole life ahead, and it's a new day to start this new exciting stage. If living a stress-free life full of love and happiness is the goal, let's start here to restore faith that there's a better life ahead. 

How to Live a Pain-Free Life full of Trust and Respect

Falling in love with someone then having the trust broken and shattered into pieces is one of the most painful things anyone can ever experience. But this doesn't have to be the final story... I'll show how to create a new one, a positive one that elevates life to the highest level. I'll reveal a plan on how to change the way a perspective around struggle can turn it into a powerful tool instead.

Release Anger and Resentment

This challenge is all about taking control of intense emotions so that no one is pulled in too many directions anymore. Anger is actually a natural emotion but too often the vulnerability it creates causes more distress and resentment. I'll show how to channel these emotions to use them for the greater good, and how to use them in a calm, and peaceful way to lead a new partnership in the future. 

Move Forward with Purpose & Intention

In this workshop, I’ll give a framework that provides a structure that motivates how to fall in love with purpose and intention as these should be the guiding light for love at all times. This training shows how to achieve crystal clear knowledge of self-worth; create a rock-solid relationship, non-negotiables; and, reveal step-by-step instructions and exercises that make feeling powerful and “in control”, a natural way of being.

Become a Superhero for Love

We've all spent enough time in the past with the wrong partner. But in order to find the right partner, this requires learning how to become a "Superhero" for love so that life is easier in the future. We'll help hone these skills as the 7-Day Love Life Reboot challenge finishes so that living an incredible life with a new partner is achievable.

Stand for Something or Fall for Anything
Now that the Love Life Reboot 7-day challenge is finished and we've kickstarted clearing away the negativity from the past, this lesson helps everyone get clear on what they stand for so that falling for the wrong person is a thing of the past. No more heartbreak here... this bonus lesson protects the heart and soul so that the same mistakes of the past aren't repeated again. 
Add Joy & Laughter into Your Life
This bonus lesson helps hone in on how to focus on the bright side so that there's always joy and laughter in everyone's life. The past has battered down the soul, but that's the old way. The new way is allowing me to show everyone here how to rise above heartbreak and find love again while staying full of love and confidence.
Only the Essentials

Transitioning from single to committed takes work. Before committing to someone, it is important for both individuals to fully understand what it takes to make the relationship successful. In order to help alleviate some of the concerns that come along with a new relationship, here let's learn the essentials elements that make that relationship a success for the long run.

10 Easy Conversations

There was a time with my ex when we were so toxic to each other that I realized we were being bad influences on our kids and friends. If we continued to talk to each other with such disrespect, these people around us would think it's ok. But that was NOT ok with me, and it's not ok for anyone else either. So now I've created the conversation prompts that I wish I would have had back then. These will help if things are toxic and bring back healthy, inspiring every-day conversations.

Total Value = $676
Today's price $27
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"Mike has experienced extreme ups and downs in his first marriage so now because he is so happy with the second marriage, and he wants to share his secrets with everyone... He knows the world will be a better place if others feel as fulfilled and happy as he does"

- Cleo

The truth is... I could for sure charge $300 to $400 for this workshop series and it would still be a steal. It’s a step-by-step system that produces exactly the results I promise!

It saves money and sanity… 

But because so many single and lonely people have already wasted money on other programs that overpromise and underdeliver… 

And maybe there's still doubt about who I am and why I'm the best love expert to trust with the most intimate desires a person can have...

That's why I’m making the
Instead of selling it for $297… or even $197…

today I’m practically giving it away at


Because I know for a fact, that this is a mind blowing offer that will completely transform anyone's dating and love life results. The thing is... when cupid’s arrow strikes, it’s not a one hit wonder but the feeling lasts a lifetime… I mean… get ready for explosive love bombs to get dropped ALL over the place!

I’m 100% confident everyone will fall madly in love with this Love Life Reboot course. It gives access to the system I’ve developed and used to help countless couples feel loved again on intimate and soulful levels.

This isn’t a magic pill though.

People have to do the work and implement what they learn. They have to follow instructions and kick what they think they know to the curb and replace it with the one-of-a-kind Love life Reboot system.

I’m not promising falling in love overnight… because it would be illegal for me to make promises like that.

But what I CAN promise, is that they'll have the first stage of my exact system… my unique step-by-step process that has worked for so many other purpose-driven people while helping them find love again.

Keep in mind, how successful the journey to find love will be has to do with how well they implement what they learn in this training AND how well they commit to themselves and their well-being.

However, if anyone is goes through the training and implements what I've taught but still has a lack of clarity on the next best steps in their journey to find love, just complete all of the work in the 7-day course and email us a copy so at least we know there was an effort to try, and I’ll issue a full refund if the request is made after the challenge finishes on the 8th day.


"I recommend Mike 100%. Mike's a great listener. He's got a great heart. He really cares about people whatever the problem is... and he is genuine. He makes it simple and real" - Phil

Why buy now rather than next week?
If the latest dating drama and crisis wasn’t a wake up call, I don’t know what would be.

As we've just witnessed, life can change in a moment.

The time to take action is NOW
Learn this important skill
before it’s too late.
Now is not the time for hesitation.

Now is the time for action.

Do what is needed to do RIGHT NOW to create the complete package for love and gain everything desired for the future.
This won't happen with being indecisive, worried, or doubting the next steps (or my system).
It's impossible to do if the vicious cycles of painful dating disappointments don't stop.
This won’t happen by itself. It requires doing something different to get a better result.
puts the control back where it belongs
Trying to do this alone, DIY, or watching tons of free videos on YouTube while reading free blogs about love are all fine and dandy but they don’t deliver a complete, proven system. It's impossible to reach anyone's love life goals if they're piecemealing it together this way!

No need to reinvent the wheel... When following a proven path to love, jump in the driver's seat and decide how fast love arrives at the door. Take charge to decide who, how, and when... the power is there, just claim it.

Don't wait... Create a life full of love NOW!

The longer this problems goes unfixed, the more it will cost as each day that goes by, and the opportunities for finding a partner get farther away. 

But don’t continue to play the dating slot machine and gamble with love; unsure of when the lonely weekends will end.


That’s not cool my friend, and that’s not what I want for anyone.


I did my best to give the exact information needed to have success with the first steps to build a healthy love life. I included no more and no less. There is no fluff, no space fillers included. Every challenge gets straight to the point and gives you exactly what is needed to know, delivered in a way that's easy to understand and implement. There's value value from spending as little as 10 to 20 minutes per day PLUS there's additional resources offered to enhance learning. Equally important are the ways we help everyone contemplate deeper about life and feel positive changes during other daily activities and not only this course.

Love Life Reboot works for anyone who wants to be in a committed relationship with one person for the rest of your life. Creating a strong foundation to make this happen is a top priority now... not tomorrow or a few months or years. It's a journey to become a love magnet who finds true love, and then learn how to maintain a loving long-term relationship... so getting expert help to master all of these things sooner than later is always best!

This is not for anyone who already "knows it all" about relationships and aren't willing to take new advice in order to improve and grow, or if they've already given up or feel too hopeless to try. I'm a catalyst to help all purpose-driven people find love again, but it's each person to show up on their own, stay disciplined, and do the work that it takes to get results

Once you get access to the online course and materials and begin applying the simple and practical principles to your life, you can start noticing a difference immediately, just like our other clients have achieved. You'll have a solid plan to follow to reboot your love life every day of the challenge.

If this happened before… I'm so sorry to hear this, how frustrating! But we are different… and better, I promise. I've helped countless people improve their current relationships or get out of bad ones and find love again because we have a full, proven system that helps people get results. That's why I'm confident in our ability to get better results than the rest.

These trainings are created in an easy to follow, step-by-step do-it-yourself model that's so clear and simple our 100-year old grandmas could do it. We also have a Facebook group for extra support and feel free to reach out to our support team anytime.

As soon as you sign up, you'll get an email confirmation with a password to access the Challenge for Day 1, then to optimize getting the best results, receive the rest of the Challenges one day at a time until the course is fully completed on the 7th day.

Everyone gets access to the life of the program.

No, one person per purchase gets access to the trainings.

Yes, see the info above about our Love Life Promise.

Ready to get rid of the baggage to finally meet


Following the Love Life Reboot system can literally be the difference between a successful relationship and never finding the right person. 

All of the successful couples I’ve worked with attribute their joy to using my system.

Love shouldn’t be a source of anxiety and uncertainty when using the Love Life Central...

5 Stages to Marriage Mastery Method

With Love Life Reboot, get the first steps needed to create THE ultimate purpose-driven life with a soulmate full of adventure, happiness, and love

Love Life Reboot
No Worries. The Course Comes With A
8-Day Money Back Guarantee
8-Day Money Back Guarantee.  If there's still a lack of clarity on the next best steps in the journey to find live, just complete all of the work in the 7-day course and email us a copy so at least we know there was an effort to try, and I’ll issue a full refund if the request is made after the challenge finishes on the 8th day.

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